A new investment in Kujawsko-Pomorskie

logo firmy HighCom Armor

logo firmy HighCom Armor

HighCom’s new office will provide excellent proximity to its target military and law enforcement customers in Central Europe and Scandinavia.

The company specializes in production of bulletproof vests, helmets and composite armor structures.

The project is a proof of successful co-operation between the investor, Polish Trade and Investment Agency (PAIH) and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Investor’s Assistance Centre which was initiated in August 2022.

Main investment criteria:

  • Country of investor – USA
  • Company: HighCom Armor https://www.highcomarmor.com/
  • Sector: Storage, Distribution and Production
  • Product: bulletproof vests
  • Capital expenditures (in EUR): 200,000
  • Employment in white-collar positions – 1, in blue-collar positions – 2; estimated indirect employment – 5,
  • Deadline for making the final location decision: December 2022
  • Planned production start date: January 2023
  • Lease of land: “Build to suit” – lease of an industrial hall built according to the investor’s requirements for at least 3 years
  • Hall of 722 m2 (includes racks, forklift, 2 x entrances and ramps and full equipment)
  • Location of the hall: Osielsko, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region, at
  • DW 261 (European route E261)
  • Hall rented by the investor:



 The halls visited by the investor are brownfields over the past few months were located in the City of Gdańsk (short list), and in voivodeships (regions): Warmińsko-Mazurskie (2 halls), Mazowieckie Region (1 hall), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (halls in Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Biały Bór near Grudziądz, Brześć Kujawski). Information on the investment support system has been prepared, taking into account individual locations.

About the company:

Established in 1997, HighCom Armor is a name recognized within the defense space as  trusted and valuable resource for high quality and cost-effective protective systems. Its engineering and operation teams have designed and commercialized numerous solutions according to NIJ and MIL-SPEC body armor standards and testing protocols.

For over two decades, HighCom Armor has provided private label/OEM hard and soft armor solutions to some of the largest defense companies and manufacturers, for end use by military and law enforcement agencies over the world because of its reputation for innovative technology, exceptional customer service, and superior quality performance.

With our 50,000 square feet manufacturing and distribution center located in Columbus, Ohio, HighCom Armor is well-positioned for large-scale and time-sensitive global supply needs.

Equipped with its own dedicated manufacturing and distribution facility, research and development department, and ballistic laboratory, our new investor is able to effectively manage all critical aspects of design, production, and supply of personal protective equipment. HighCom Armor has the capability to inspect, test, and validate complete life-cycle management from raw materials, work in progress, and finished goods. All of this results in a high capacity output of more than 20,000 pieces of armor per month.

 The XTEK Group consisting of XTEK Ltd and High Com, which was taken over by EXTEK in 2019 is active in two fields: ballistics and technology. The first one is focused on bulletproof vests, helmets and composite armor structures.